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The assessment should include an examination of the appliances and other systems within your home. It should also assess the quality of insulation, and whether or not they require to be replaced or improved.
Standard Recommendations/Guidelines for Energy Efficiency

In the end, wasted energy plays a huge part in energy inefficiency . Additionally, homeowners can contribute to a lot of this through not understanding the basic rules for running appliances and household gadgets in a resourceful manner. In the beginning, it will be helpful to know what the estimated amount of electricity that are used in the most common gadgets including systems, devices, and appliances in our homes.

Heating and air conditioning 40 to 45%

Water heating: 14%

Appliances: 13%

Lighting: 9 – 10%

Television and other media equipment 4 – 5%

The knowledge gained from this article, together being aware of the guidelines regarding the use of equipment at home will help homeowners do their part in regards to reducing energy consumption. In this case, for example:

Heating and air conditioning: The thermostat should be set to 78F during the summer, and 68F in winter.

Water heater: set water temp to 120F (or lower)

Appliances: Fill refrigerators to capacity but be careful not to overload with food; make use of ovens as little as possible during summer months

Lighting: Replace the bulb bulbs for incandescent lighting with bulb with LED lights. LED light bulbs are long-lasting (lasting many years longer than conventional light bulbs) They consume considerably less energy, and also are more efficient in lighting.

When it comes to electronic, television, and other media devices The recommendation for media equipment is similar to that given to most other operations in your home. Turn it off when the equipment is not in use. For dealing with specifics regarding energy efficiency practices for your house, take a look at these guidelines.

You should have an inspection of your roof

Maintenance of the roof is an energy saving procedure that is able in order to increase the value of your home. The roof must be checked and , if not then the roof should be changed.


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