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The federal administration.

Americans ought to collaborate with criminal defense attorneys in order to reach the same end that is to keep guns from the hands of criminals and secure our neighborhoods.

Two bills, SB 239 and AB 205 to expand the current gun laws in California have been introduced. They are now sitting in the state Senate as well as Assembly committees. Imagine you are a criminal defense attorney or criminal law lawyer, or a criminal law lawyer, and your client is being charged with murder. The prosecutor is charging your client with first-degree murder, based on an argument that your client was allegedly using an assault weapon during the commission of an offense. Would you argue for an argument that the weapon used by your client was legal at the time and that he owned the legal right to possess it, and that the holding of the gun was protected under California’s Castle Doctrine?

You might, if you can sell it back to the dealer for a steep discount. If you are able to prove your client is an actual buyer, the dealer could take your client’s gun. If you aren’t able to prove it prove it, the client will have the option of keeping his gun. California’s current law bars anyone found guilty of a felony misdemeanor offense from legally buying a firearm. Also, those who aren’t allowed to buy guns can’t offer one up for sale.

The only exception is that you can’t sell the gun to a dealer. You can also be accused of a crime if you hand over firearms that have not been registered in California. Assembly Bill 485 will allow the sale of guns without registration to enable those individuals to retain their right to bear and keep arms while the law enforcement agencies enforce California’s firearm laws.

In this era of stricter firearm control, a broad coalition is standing up to call on Sacramento to approve these bills that will assist law enforcement agencies apply our gun laws. If that is a means of putting up a fight against those who may not wish to amend the law criminal law attorneys have obligations to safeguard their clients. Legislator


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