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It’s likely that it’s moss.

This is why you should keep your roof clean. You might be uncomfortable with the appearance of the algae on your roof. Also, algae may influence the energy efficiency of the roof, as an example, by interfering with reflection properties of your roof. Apart from moss and algae it is not a good idea to allow the accumulation of leaves and twigs over your roof. They trap water and can lead to numerous troubles. Clean your roof on your own, as opposed to engaging an expert. If the slope of your roof is too steeply, you can pull the leaves out using an Rake. Do not pressure wash the roof, as this could harm the roof material.

Create Your Front Yard Attractive

Make your garden look more welcoming with a variety of diy home projects for the weekend. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to upgrade your lighting. Good lighting instantly transforms your backyard as well as allowing you to take advantage of various types of lights to show off the great features in your yard and to increase security. People find homes with light fixtures in their front yards to be naturally welcoming. Take a look at how a small lighting fixture can make your house’s decor at the time of the holidays. Furthermore, you can enhance your yard’s appearance by making it more inviting with the planting of trees and plants.

Trees have a natural beauty and can be a great addition to any landscaping. But, ensure that you get rid of any dead and diseased trees that are in your yard prior to you plant new trees. Tree removal is a complicated process that can be expensive so it’s best to hire professional tree-removal services. Be sure to consider native plants when making a decision on what trees and plants you want to put in your garden. These plants are better than all other species to thrive within their natural surroundings. The evergreen tree and shrub are a great choice for the beauty of all year round.


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