How Is Aluminum Made? – 1938 News

Around the world. The majority of it is made from boxite. Boxite is present in many tropical companies, and it can be exported to create of aluminum. Inside boxite are aluminum atoms attached to oxygen. In order to make aluminum, this bond needs to be broken before the aluminum atoms must be gathered.

To get rid of any moisture, the aluminum gets roasted. A current of electricity is passed through the aluminum to do this. Aluminum impurities are gathered in the upper part of the aluminum. This has to be done continuously to get rid of the impurities. The air is taken out of the container via the help of a tube. Then, the hot aluminum is removed out of the crucible and it is filled with melting aluminum.

There are furnaces that then hold the aluminum. After that, the aluminum is formed into a cast. Aluminum is made often into ingots or sheets. The ingots could weigh as much as 25 tons. Sometimes, the aluminum gets formed directly into the products which are constructed from this important metal. It is used in numerous items every single day.


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