Why Web Design Professionals Choose to Outsource SEO

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Online sales were valued at more than $200 billion in 2011; and while the numbers yet have not been solidified for 2012, it is safe to say that the amount was slightly higher. This year alone, 88.1 percent of online users aged 14 and older will look for products online as an example of this. So even though people are not necessarily spending more today, they are spending it more online than they are in traditional physical environments. It is just the way of the world today, and things will continue in this direction, with mobile devices moving more into this realm with each passing business day.

So of course, the way a website looks is just as vital as how it performs. This is why web design companies exist, to make these companies look better and operate better. Web design firms have the task of making a website look professional and put together, and of developing that site so that anyone who has access to the back end of things, including for uploading new content and changing images, can easily use it. Thus, these web design professionals have a lot on their proverbial plates. They are charged not only with making these websites look nice but that they function well too.

While pretty much every web design company out there can do a decent job of this, only web design companies that are fully invested in the total online experience truly get the job done in both areas. Web designers who outsource SEO are smart to do so, for example. Rather than take on the unenviable task of learning SEO, these companies instead use private label seo companies to do the hard work for them while they concentrate on their own core strengths of website creation, design, and development. They often resell Seo to gain new customers too, since many commercial entities are interested in becoming the 70 percent of organic links that are clicked on on search engines today. These entities desire to find the 79 percent of online users who visit a search engine who rarely click on ads and instead concentrate on the organic links to notice them, and the 80 percent of people who never click on a sponsored, or paid, result. More importantly, they aim to be the audience for the 75 percent of people who will discover the information they are seeking in the first page of results. And they use Seo resellers, which normally are web design companies, to get it for them.