What Is This Search Engine Optimization I Keep Hearing About?

Seo reseller package

Have you heard about these newfangled SEO reseller programs that are all the rage on the internet right now? Apparently, they are a great way to get involved in the Search Engine Optimization field without having a whole lot of experience in the actual SEO part. Do you even know what SEO is? No worries, I just learned about it myself.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO is a form of internet marketing that manipulates a website’s presence so that it fits perfectly with what a search algorithm is looking for to rank its websites. Search engines use these algorithms to determine the most relevant websites and where they should fall in the rankings, the higher the rank, the better.

    Over 80% of people start each of their internet excursions with a web search. And an additional 80% then only choose the top five organic search results that they are given. If a website does not fall in that top five, their chances of being clicked plummet drastically. And if the site is not clicked, it does not get traffic. If it does not get traffic, it does not get business.

  • Resale
  • One way to get involved for yourself is to look into some SEO reseller programs. As an SEO reseller, you would go to a company that requires SEO, and sing its praises and sell your SEO services. When they hire you, you then take your new client’s account and information, and bring it to a company that does SEO work. Consider it a subcontractor job. In construction, a contractor may not be able to do the electric part of the job, so a subcontracting electrician is called in to do the job. You act as the contractor in this instance, and the SEO company is the electrician.

  • Private Label
  • Private label SEO reseller plans are very similar to SEO reseller programs, except that their order is swapped around. You first find the SEO organization that is looking for people to take the SEO product and put their own label on it. Once you confidently have a company that will do the that you are advertising for, then you can approach companies with that great product.

That is what I have heard about with this SEO stuff going on. Frankly, it sounds pretty exciting. Everyone I have spoken to says that it is a growing field that is still constantly evolving. It makes me want to get involved so that I can have a piece of that pie!